Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet Life: Not a review

This is not a review of Sweet Life. This is just a post of bragging, Eugene. This is an I-got-some-and-you-didn't post.

This is a post featuring a blurry picture of the dessert-of-the-month at Eugene's perennial favorite bakery. It's Sour Cherry Cheesecake, and it's made from sour cherries resting on a half-inch layer of pastry cream, under which there's cheesecake that is the perfect combination of light and heavy, sweet and sour, fattening and... no, ok, there's nothing good for you in this cheesecake, from its sugared topping to its buttered-crumb crust.

But you want it anyway, right? It's $4.25 a slice. Go with my blessing.


  1. It's good for the soul, right? Because it is tasty.

  2. Yes, I'll go with that. My soul did feel refreshed. My stomach, however, was like: What the hell, dude? This exists in the world and we're not eating it every day? What is wrong with you?