Monday, November 11, 2013

Fly North: The Wild Duck Cafe (Coburg Rd. Edition)

Remember when BJ's was just an overcrowded chain restaurant with a terrible parking lot in a scrunched up corner of Coburg at Willakenzie? Yeah, it seems like forever ago because the Gigantoplex that is the new BJ's fits in at VRC like kittens with YouTube cameras, I know. But hey, whatever happened to that strange little space it used to occupy over by Safeway and Dairy Queen and Sheldon?

Oh, right: It became the second wing of the Wild Duck Cafe franchise. The original Wild Duck is down by campus, and that, right there, is the reason I've never been. I'm getting old and cranky and I regularly tote 20 pounds of cranky old baby with me, so finding a parking space near campus and The Matt (sigh) that won't get us killed or make us want to kill anyone is too much effort. However, a new cafe in a familiar old place? Sure!

The bottom line is this: If you aren't eating breakfast at the Wild Duck Cafe -- and you're not, because I've personally checked -- then you're missing out.