Sunday, February 13, 2011

Refresh, Refresh: Back to Food Blogging

Has it really been two full months since I last posted it? It hasn't been two months of hunger, I promise, that's kept me from the blog. Rather it's been all the things that keeps one too silent -- work, namely, but also a bit too much fun in the downtime. I will again resolve (and usually fail a bit) to get back to work here! I have also, since we last talked, acquired a new camera and a new computer (because the old ones were stolen), and both of these shiny new objects have made me more mobile and more excited about traveling around in Eugene and checking out fun food. So, a menu. I'll get back to this, and I promise to cover, shortly, the following places -- with pictures, with tastes, with, perhaps, chimes in from friends. If anyone has any additional suggestions right now, I'm absolutely open to them -- and this is not an exhaustive list, just the items that I know I can and will cover soon, because I have been there recently and have something to say.
  • The Vintage -- Brunch
  • The Divine Cupcake
  • Three Forks Wok & Grill
  • Studio One, with particular attention to eggs benedict!
  • Ciao Pizza
Also, C and I have been throwing around ideas for the following, and would love to have input from anyone:
  • Best places to take visitors (the quintessential Eugene places AND the try-to-impress places)
  • Best Eggs Benedict (we're on a mission)
  • Best Struggling Restaurants
Thoughts? Comments? Helloooo? I'm sorry for the slowness. We'll soon return you to your regularly scheduled tastiness.