Thursday, July 8, 2010

Open Thread: What reviews would you like?

All right, Eugene campers and eaters. Consider this an open-thread in which we, your hungry and somewhat adventurous Good Food Eugene bloggers, would like to solicit suggestions on the following:

  • Where should we try that we haven't tried already?
  • Where should we go again, that we got wrong the first time?
  • Are there any little features you'd like us to add? For instance: certain categories of food we should include, or some kind of special round-up?

  • Drop us a comment here, OR send us a happy e-mail at goodfoodeugene AT

    You can also, now, follow us and our happy little updates on Twitter: @goodfoodeugene.

    Wheee. Onward, summer.


    1. You folks know more about what's down there than I do, but I have a few thoughts for you. Of course I do. Thinking is what I do. That, and telling other people my thoughts. Only, for once, you asked. Your bad.

      * Feature on food carts @ saturday market. I know there are some good ones (the fish and chips one is fan-bloody-tastic), but I haven't tried all of them. You should.
      * Have you eaten at Poppi's Anatolia? Or whatever it is. Downtown. Willamette. Right across from the Shoe Temple. Greek/Indian place. Odd mix, very good.
      * Rose & Thistle Fish 'n Chips, across from the Bier Stein? Or thereabouts. Always wanted to try it, never had the nerve. I'll happily sacrifice your arteries, though.

      That's it. I'm done.

    2. I can review Poppi's easily. It's delicious. :)

      I love the crepe cart at the Saturday market, and I would happily give those hippies a rave review.

      And I have heard too much scary stuff about Rose and Thistle. I'll pass!

    3. I'd go more into the vegan/vegetarian options down here. I mean, Eugene is a vegan/vegetarian's paradise! And I've heard rumors about being named America's vegan pizza capital, too!

      Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen a post here yet about the Pizza Research Institute -- if you haven't yet, you must try it... it'll blow your mind! :) Also, Cozmic Pizza? Sam Bonds? Cornucopia? Good stuff.

      Also, Tuesday seems to be one of the hottest days in terms of special deals... Dutch Bros. have "$2 Tuesdays"... The Divine Cupcake usually have "Buy 2, Get 1 Free"... David Minot Theater have $2 Shows... and many more!

      Thanks for sampling Eugene for us!

    4. Jenn and I actually went on a pretty great PRI and Sweet Life double date a while back. Maybe we should reprise--so that the memories are fresh--and write it up here? :D

      Sabina, tell me more about the David Minor Theater? Suddenly, I am hearing about it everywhere, and I have never been...

    5. What about Ratatouille? My favorite place for vegan food.

    6. Oh, I've only been to Ratatouille once, Leisha, but it was an amazing experience, and C is always itching to go back.

      K -- David Minor is pretty awesome. On Sundays, tickets are $2. The screens aren't huge -- thing big living room-sized theaters and matching flat screens -- but they show recent DVD releases and bring in food from Steelhead and Cornucopia, both places I should write up!

      Sabina -- I'll definitely get my act together on vegan/veg stuff soon. I'm too used to living in a town where you don't have to think about whether there will be vegetarian options available -- sometimes I forget how exceptional this is.

      Good feedback, folks. Keep it coming.

    7. Check out Eddo Burger (in the Tiny's parking lot), the fish market on 7th and Monroe, and Cornbread Cafe cart. All delish in my book, and each is worthy of a mention here.

    8. Cornucopia catered one of our office shindigs and the food was A. Mazing. Plus they're awesome for shipping Oregon wines to friends elsewhere and it's guaranteed. I had a bottle break and two more were sent; my friends in Florida were thrilled. RE the fish market on 7th & Monroe: When I first moved to Eugene it was a girl with a card table. Seriously. The lot was a gravel-filled triangle, and they sold fish every morning as soon as the catch came in, fresh from the coast. I'm happy they've done so well; talk about entrepreneurs!

    9. I already love Eddo, and I've only been there once! It's definitely on my return-and-review list.

      That's an excellent history on the fish market, Leisha! It's amazing how some things manage to grow here.

    10. What about the The Cork & Stein Bistro? It's a nice wine bar serving only Oregon wine (and beer). Never had their food, the wine's good, though. 2108 Main St, Springfield. Definitely not the typical Springfield grease stain.

    11. Come to Cornbread Cafe to see what it's really all about. Introduce yourself and we'll throw in dessert for free! And we really do have awesome cornbread (unfortunately, our first chance to showcase it at Bite of Eugene didn't turn out so well). But people are talking about the cafe for a reason - give us another try! Sheree

    12. Sheree, I promise you, we're so looking forward to checking cornbread cafe out at its home location! I really can't wait to have the chicken-fried tofu again. Om nom nom. Thanks for the comment!