Friday, August 5, 2011

Shockingly good: El Super Burrito

Truth be told, I have eaten here three times in the last four days. Once, I told myself it was so that I could write this blog post and provide you with some photographs, but then I forgot my camera, and ended up eating here anyway. Twice.  I think I am officially obsessed with this place.

Once, it was Bene Pizza, and it was the cheeky, upscale awesome pizza-and-salad place I craved most often. But Bene went toes up not too long ago, and this place moved into their location. I giggled at the name and sign combination.  "El Super Burrito"has a logo that is actually a little donkey wearing a mask and a cape. It killed me every time we drove past, but I couldn't ever seem to convince G we should try it.

Yesterday he relented, and so we tried it! And it is my new obsession.  I think I have a new first love when it comes to cheap Mexican food.

First Meal:
G--chicken fajita burrito.  So yummy.  Everything grilled, including the interior vegetables.
Me--a ground beef taco salad (it was the daily lunch special, so it came with a drink and was just 5.00. Ridiculous. Really good.)

Second Meal:
G--Torta Cubana--this sandwich is a wonder. Friend chicken cutlet, carnitas pork, and a slice of ham. Tomatoes, chipotle mayo, slices of avocado, and sour cream. Copious meal for 5.00.
Me--Ground Beef Enchiladas--not overly wet. Not tubes of cheese. Tests like its component parts and not just a gooey mess. Also really good.

Third Meal:
G--Super Fries--french fries covered with a meat of your choice (carnitas, in this case), cheese, beans, and sour cream.  Ask to add tomatoes. They make a huge difference.
Me--Torta Cubana--Still yummy. I didn't put it down after I picked it up.

This place has served us six completely delicious and extremely reasonably priced meals, so far, and I have to say the real stand out remains the torta cubana.

ETA: On the weekends, they make a special hot sauce that is not to be missed.  I asked if they had a name for it, and they don't, so G and I have been calling it "weekend sauce." It's tangy, and tastes like the underlying ingredients have been roasted.  SO good.

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Hours: Everyday, 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM


  1. YAY new burrito place and new blog post!

  2. I have to try the Super Fries. They sound wonderful. They sound like something that should be a part of my life.

  3. You really do. You should go on the weekend, when they apparently make a special, unnamed hot sauce that rocked my socks clean off.

  4. Just found the blog. I was also wondering why there wasn't a Eugene restaurant blog. Now I know there is. Good job.

    Just tried El Super Burrito last night - I live about a block away from it, but kept procrastinating. Surprisingly good. Had the enchilada plate with carnitas. Muy tasty.

    I love the logo - the burro with the cape looks even cooler when you notice they kept the shape of the old Bene sign.

    And I love the posters inside of he-man Aztec gods carrying swooning Aztec goddesses. I'm sure there's a more culturally sophisticated way to put it but...I just think they're cool.

  5. I just heard about this place for the first time the other day, and after reading your reviews I'm 100% convinced that I need to go there. like tomorrow. Side note: Loving the Eugene food blog idea!! I just started a blog of my own and I'm hoping to throw in some great restaurant reviews myself. I'll definitely have to dive into your blog for some inspiration!