Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daniel's Taco Cart: Take your chances

There are two experiences to be had at Daniel's Taco Cart, which on Friday and Saturday nights, after 10 PM, moves from its Hwy 99 location to be parked in the lot between the Daniel's restaurant and Franklin. The first experience is transcendent. It's "I can't believe I paid 4.00 for this"--and the burrito is fresh and hot and tastes like fresh produce and well-marinated meat. It's huge, and you feel like quite the late night value diner.

The other experience, sadly, is also "I can't believe I paid 4.00 for this," and it's a tepid burrito served with inexpert attention to little details, like what kind of meat you wanted on your burrito. It'll still be huge, but somehow, you'll feel less like a daring and clever bargain hunter. You feel like you're sorry you weren't drunk before you got this burrito (if you're me, that is, and don't reserve your late night food outings to go with nights of booze...)

I'd been planning this review for a couple weeks, but the last two weekends I've been there, quality had taken a dramatic turn for the worse. I can't really tell you that these are the best, and cheapest, burritos in town, now. What I can say is that there is a roulette wheel of quality there, ranging from Excellent to Truly Mediocre, and that I will continue to take my chances there on the occasional Saturday night.

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